Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We took a trip to the Jackson Zoo a couple of weeks ago. It was HOT! Harrison & Sadie did so well & had so much fun. Sadie was mesmerized by all the animals, and Harrison was obsessed with finding the hippo - weird! They polished off all the snacks that we took & drank all liquid in sight!

We stopped to watch the flamingos and even got to feel one of their feathers.

Harrison never could find the real alligator in his habitat but he liked playing with the fake one & running in & out of the "giant eggs looking for clues". When we finally did find the hippo, which we don't have a picture of, Harrison kept telling us that it was a dinosaur - not a hippo.

I was forgetful on this outing, like so many others!, and forget there is a splash pad at the zoo. We didn't have clothes to change in to or towels to dry off with so we skipped the splash pad. We went riding on the train instead. Harrison makes the funniest face when we ride through the tunnel on the train route! Since it is dark in there, you can't take a picture or video his face but it is hilarious! Sadie enjoyed her train ride as usual and sat still like a big girl on the seat instead of in a lap :(

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