Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We took a trip to the Jackson Zoo a couple of weeks ago. It was HOT! Harrison & Sadie did so well & had so much fun. Sadie was mesmerized by all the animals, and Harrison was obsessed with finding the hippo - weird! They polished off all the snacks that we took & drank all liquid in sight!

We stopped to watch the flamingos and even got to feel one of their feathers.

Harrison never could find the real alligator in his habitat but he liked playing with the fake one & running in & out of the "giant eggs looking for clues". When we finally did find the hippo, which we don't have a picture of, Harrison kept telling us that it was a dinosaur - not a hippo.

I was forgetful on this outing, like so many others!, and forget there is a splash pad at the zoo. We didn't have clothes to change in to or towels to dry off with so we skipped the splash pad. We went riding on the train instead. Harrison makes the funniest face when we ride through the tunnel on the train route! Since it is dark in there, you can't take a picture or video his face but it is hilarious! Sadie enjoyed her train ride as usual and sat still like a big girl on the seat instead of in a lap :(


Harrison left us for a week to go take swimming lessons with one of my cousins. I just knew it would be a complete disaster because he hates getting water in his face in the bath tub. Surprisingly, the lessons went better than expected (on my part). He still isn't swimming but is a little more comfortable in the water. We hope to continue with more lessons throughout the summer to at least get him to where he can make it to safety if he falls in the water.

He also hates to get his hair wet. That's the reason he was trying to stay on the float!

Sadie is the complete opposite - of course! She loves the water every time we go to the pool & thinks she can swim already. Once she discovered that she could get out of her float, she was trying to swim on her own all over the pool! I think she may need swimming lessons this summer too!

Hopefully we will have lots of water fun this summer since they are both a little more manageable with only one adult, and we don't live very far from friends with a pool!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Just a little catch up of some of our adventures since the beginning of the year -

Harrison took his first trip to the movies to see Frozen. He loved it! Brian and I thought he was going to fold himself up in the chair the whole time. He was so engrossed in the movie that he didn't even finish all of his snacks!

On one of our very few trips to the new mall, Harrison & Sadie had to ride on the many rides that they have strategically placed all around there. Thankfully, they play very well together & he let his little sister ride with him most of the time.

We have also had a few front yard races, which Harrison of course won by a long shot.

One of Harrison's favorite activities when we go to his Granna's house is to walk over to the water & throw rocks in it. He could spend hours doing this!


Poor little Harrison got left at home with his daddy & Poppa. They decided to tie him up to keep him still for at least 5 minutes - haha!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Easter this year was filled with Easter egg hunts, egg dying, the Easter bunny, and baskets for two little busy bodies! Brian and I tried to keep up as best as possible.
We discovered that Sadie is a little daredevil (head first down the huge slide laughing the whole time), Harrison loves swords (thank you Jake and the Pirates), and they are both excellent egg hunters because they could survive on candy!

We first had a church Easter egg hunt & games, then an egg hunt at my aunt's house, then activities at daycare, then Easter morning baskets, and Easter Sunday lunch with family followed by dying eggs & hiding them.

I hate that we didn't get a better picture of Sadie's beautiful dress that my mom made for her.
Just thinking back on all those activities makes me tired! We had so much fun though! This year Harrison was able to hear  and recall a little more of the Easter story, which is exciting to me. I can't wait until they are both able to understand the true meaning of Easter, not just the egg hunts and Easter bunny.


Even though it was really cold during February and March, our two kiddos love to play outside. So that is what we spent a lot of time doing!

These two have so much fun together! I hope it stays that way!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


One of the scariest days ever for me came in January of this year. On Sunday, Brian & I noticed that Sadie was a little more bruised up than a normal one year old learning how to walk. On Monday morning when I went to wake her up, she had dried blood around her nose & just a small amount on the sheet of her crib. I took her to daycare that day. When I picked her up, they said her nose bled off & on all day. I called the doctor's office & they said it was probably just the weather change made her sinuses dry out. That night when we were giving her a bath, I noticed little red spots in random places on her (arms, legs, ankles, stomach, neck). So I called the doctor's office again on Tuesday. The nurse checked Sadie's blood counts from the 3 CBC's she had from September to December because of anemia & said her platelets were normal all 3 times. Tuesday night at bath time, I noticed more bruises (one really bad one on her chin that was black) & more red spots. Wednesday morning I was doing a health screening from 6-10 so I asked Brian to call & make her an appointment for lunch time or after. He called me around 9 & said he was taking her to the doctor. About 9:45 he called back & said they were admitting us to the hospital. Of course, I immediately started crying, grabbed my stuff & left the health screening. What he didn't explain was that we were actually being sent to the children's cancer clinic at Batson - even scarier. After checking in & getting Sadie's vital signs, they did another finger stick to check her blood count. Her platelet level at the pediatrician's office was 2,000 (normal is 150,000); at the cancer clinic it was 4,000. God took such good care of us that entire day. From our pediatrician praying over Sadie before sending her to Batson, to the 3 nurses that we knew at the cancer clinic (had no idea they worked there before that), to all the visits, calls & text messages that we received before we even got admitted to the hospital, & the many, many prayers Sadie received, we felt such peace that this was all going to work out & be ok.
Sadie was diagnosed with ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura), which is low platelets. Our wonderful hematologist, Dr. Megason, & all of the other doctors & nurses that took care of Sadie while she was in Batson, were so good about explaining everything to us from start to finish. They gave Sadie a dose of IVIG, an IV treatment that is a blood product. It helped her platelet count increase to 29,000 by the next afternoon. We went back every week to the cancer clinic for the next 8 weeks, then we went to a monthly appointment to get her platelets checked. Two weeks ago was our last appointment there because Sadie's platelet count was 123,000! It is still not normal, but it has steadily increased so we will have it checked at our next pediatrician appointment.
Thankfully, Sadie never acted like she really felt bad during this whole process. She still played, ate & slept like normal once we were out of the hospital & back home. They had lots of fun toys at the hospital & in the cancer clinic that she got to try out. The staff at the cancer clinic spoils her rotten every time she goes in there. We always left with toys, snacks, stickers, etc! This was seriously not a fun experience, but I think God taught Brian & me a lot about trusting in him & having faith in his plan & his will.

These are the only 2 pictures I took during the whole ordeal. I didn't take any of her bruises or petechiae (little red spots) - She even got to teach some medical students what petechiae looks like!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Christmas is always such a fun time for us getting to see all of our family & watching Harrison & Sadie interacting with everyone. This year we were able to travel since we didn't have a week old baby :)

Christmas card picture taking was definitely interesting this year with 2 kiddos on the move, especially when 1 of them doesn't understand how to sit still & smile!

Thankfully, these 2 (for the most part) love each other & play well together.

Harrison got his train table that he begged Santa for. 

And a few other things that he opened very SLOWLY!

Then Sadie tried to help...

Merry Christmas (way late)! Thankful for our sweet family & the birth of our precious Savior!